What is this site?

This is my teaching site–I’m starting as an adjunct prof in 2015!  In addition to hosting class materials, I have a few links and resources posted for my students and for other instructors.

I also have a blog here.  This is a space for me to post things that are relevant to what my students are learning and that I hope will stoke their interest in chemistry.  (It’s a cool science, and it makes for some good photos and videos.)  Comments, interaction and curiosity are encouraged here–I’m happy to discuss anything I post, and I’m also open to fielding questions.

With that said, I think this Caltech page on snowflakes is fitting for the first interesting bit of chemistry for the new site!  If you’re curious about crystal growth or just want to look at pretty snowflakes, check it out.  I spent a lot of time studying crystals during my PhD, but not snow crystals–good thing, since it doesn’t snow much around Santa Barbara!