study tips

At least a few students are concerned about their grades after the first quiz, so here are some tips to help study more effectively:

  • Read the text, and write down any questions you have so you can ask them in lecture.
  • Work the exercises that appear in the sections of the text as you read.
  • Go back through your handouts and “condense” your notes–recopy the key concepts and equations into a master sheet that will help you study for the exams and quizzes.
  • Very important: work a lot of problems! (I assign the even ones so you can work the odd problems on your own and check your answers in the back of the textbook to see if you are understanding things well.)
  • If you run into confusion, try to refer to the text first, because teaching yourself is a valuable way to learn! If you try that, and are still confused, email me, or if you want a quicker answer, there are a lot of good instructional videos. MIT Opencourseware and Khan Academy are good starting points, but there are plenty of others–comment if you have a favorite!
  • VC has a tutoring center–they should be able to help you.


Finally, some very cool science that isn’t related to class: check out some bacteria that feed on electricity!