ask and ye shall receive

Went through the early feedback forms y’all filled out–there is one thing you had an overwhelming consensus on.  I need to work more example problems in class.  What I’m thinking is that mostly I’ll start with an example, then give you all a head start on a similar problem on the handout.  You can expect that to change after this exam 🙂

I am trying to slow down a bit, too, but I’m relying on you all to tell me lecture by lecture because it’s so hard to gauge from the front of the room!  Hold up your end of things and tell me to shut up so you can write 🙂

Some of you are big fans of the Youtube videos I’ve been posting here–I’ll try to find more that are relevant to class.  (And more that are just cool science.)

Anything else you’d like?  I can’t give you all As…unless you earn them, in which case I’ll be pretty happy


2 thoughts on “ask and ye shall receive

  1. Are we going to receive our In-Class Problem Sets tomorrow before the exam to glance over? If not, no stress, just wondering!


    • Ahhh sorry! I’m still in the process of grading those. I try really hard to get everything to you as quickly as possible, but sometimes it’s just not doable. The exams will be finished, entered and returned to you on Monday, by the way.

      If you’d like a glimpse into what it’s like from the front of the classroom, here’s the math for my grading load for this week:

      80 students * (2 in-class problem sets + 1 homework assignment + 1 exam) + 26 students * (2 lab reports) = Dr. Jes is not sleeping


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