quiz yourself!

In addition to homework, there’s a lot of studying in chemistry if you want to be successful.  I try not to make y’all memorize too many things, but the metric prefixes are part of the language of science, and they’re pretty important.

With that in mind, I dug up a few Sporcle games for anyone who’s interested.  I know these topics are still tricky for some of you, and this might help.  I find these quizzes a lot more fun than flash cards.  Be forewarned, though, there are a LOT of trivia games on the site, so don’t get lost!

SI/metric prefixes – 1 and 2

Converting between metric units – 1 and 2

Also, here are a few on nomenclature: Ionic compounds, covalent compounds, ionic and covalent compounds

And a bunch on naming acids and writing their formulas: 1, 2, 3, 4

Have fun!