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Author and neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks has terminal cancer.  Read this article he wrote about it–and then pick up a copy of Uncle Tungsten if you’re looking for a good book to check out.  It brings a lot of the periodic table to life, and it’s hard to put down..


2 thoughts on “strongly recommended reading

  1. I think it’s pretty cool that you posted this because just today I was thinking about and feeling how much more interesting the world around me may become, that is, more alive to me, as I gain some understanding of chemistry. I mean that, to see the world around me from the perspective of chemistry and science, well, enriches and brightens my minds experience of being alive. Reading now the story of Oliver Sacks, a man so rich and full of life, who practices medicine and loved chemistry, is inspiring indeed! Maybe that’s something I’ll be able to relate to someday. And maybe I’m already starting to =)


    • AWESOME! When I was a student, and first beginning to put the pieces together, I found myself asking a lot of questions. At first they were just open-ended, but over time, I realized I could reason through some of the answers, and then everything around me became a lot more fascinating. Now, after the PhD, I find I usually have at least an educated guess for most of the physical phenomena that make me curious, and I can usually think of a few experiments to do that will confirm or refute my hypotheses.

      Oliver Sacks is a fascinating dude and a great writer–I’ve read Awakenings, too, and now I can see I need to pick up a few more of his books as well. I used to have a copy of Uncle Tungsten but it might not have survived the cross-country move!


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